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Let's Draw Rabbits and Hares!

This book offers 40 step-by-step tutorials for drawing realistic rabbits and hares. Using simple geometric construction it guides you from sketching a basic shape to a refined line art. The book is for children 5+ and adults.

About the book

Grab a pencil and let’s draw a few rabbits and hares!

Artists use geometry to draw shapes accurately and to keep correct natural proportions of the objects. In this book simple geometric constructions will guide you through building up rabbit shapes.

Dare to draw freehand even if you are an absolute beginner. If you need some help with the lines and circles use a ruler and a compass or just any round object. You might as well want to draw the final contour with a pen or a fineliner.

Draw the initial lines lightly so that you can easily erase them later. Take your time to understand the graphic scheme and follow the steps one by one.

The last step is entirely up for your creativity. Play with the details to get a unique rabbit. Even subtle changes can create a new facial expression or a different personality.

The most challenging rabbits are at the end of the book. If you are not happy with the result at the first attempt, have another try! You’ll get much better with practice.

You are welcome to share your drawings on instagram with the hashtag #letsdrawrabbitsandhares.


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Protect the hares

Download graphics pack (ZIP, 5.5mb) dedicated to protection of hares in UK and Ireland.

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